Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Abundant Blessings

It's almost time to put up our 2011 calendars. I'm so pleased to announce that this year's titles are being produced by Andrews McMeel. They are a fabulous company and I'm thrilled to be working with them on calendars as well as books.

We have two titles available this year, as in the past: Seasons of Friendship (featuring secular verse) and Abundant Blessings (featuring scripture). The names have changed slightly from the Lang titles, so don't be confused. They are still the same format and still filled to the brim with watercolor paintings and inspiring verse.

To find the Abundant Blessings wall calendars (formerly Beautiful Blessings), click these links: Andrewsmcmeel.com, calendars.com, and amazon.com.

For Seasons of Friendship all my other calendars, go to the home pages of the sites above and type in Shelly Reeves Smith in the search window. All of my books and stationery will appear.

I hope 2011 brings you all the joy your heart can hold!


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