Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back to the Drawing Board

Over the past few months, I have been sketching for various projects and thinking about how much I enjoy this part of the design process. In doing so, I stumbled onto this sketch from the 2012 calendar projects.

It is obviously quick and rough. But aren't sketches like this appealing? Even ones rendered in a hurry, with little notes all over them, I find hard to throw way.

Perhaps it's because they reveal so much about the decision-making that goes on in a painting...and the possibilities. It's not just about how the painting turned out, but all of the other ways it's could have turned out. It's sometimes hard to discard the ideas that one sketch represents.

Here is an excerpt of that February spread, in final form. The bookmark will be moved to the right side and some other elements and colors have been tweaked, but it's fun to see this one version of the sketch come to life.

And here, a close-up of Kerry Boone's lovely verse.

The 2012 Seasons of Friendship calendar, along with the Abundant Blessings version, will be available in stores in July. You know, calendars are a little like sketches, too. Their empty pages represent so many possibilities...dates waiting be filled with events and plans. Perhaps that's why some of us can't throw these away either!

Copyright 2011 Shelly Reeves Smith