Friday, May 13, 2011

My Symphony

Since I've been busy with spring deadlines, I haven't taken time to blog. My artist friends seem to be taking a break from online activity, too. We must all be holed up in our studios painting away!

However, I wanted to write briefly to share the activity going on outside the studio, in the yard around our farmhouse. We had an especially wet spring this year in southern Missouri. The weeks of rain and subsequent flooding were destructive, but the abundant water has been a boon for the flowers.

Foliage and flowers are more vibrant when freshly spritzed with rainwater. The shrubs and perennials seem more lush than usual, after weeks of daily watering.

I'm not a particularly whimsical person. In fact, my practical side sometimes gets in the way creatively. However, when it comes to flowers, I'm positively imaginative. To me, flowers always look like they're doing or thinking something. Even those confined to vases or draped over tables never look static. Rather, they appear to be engaged in conversation, bending toward one another as if to share a secret or show affection.

But because of all the rain this year, what used to seem like a conversation to me is more like a symphony. Waiting for flowers to bloom this year was like sitting in a grand hall, waiting for musicians to begin their performance. First, March and hyacinths, like the principle oboe directing the intonation with a single A note...

Then followed by the swirls of random tuning in different registers -- the bleeding heart, lilac, sun-kissed jonquils, tulips and delicate violets.

At some point mid-April, everything gets quiet before the big reveal...the iris and peonies wait until just the right moment...

Then it begins, usually with the spider-wort (which is actually much friendlier than the name suggests)...

Flowering shrubs of all kinds, fences overflowing with honeysuckle and the billowy, soft peonies. On clear evenings when the setting sun filters the light, the scene is so richly painted.

Of course, living here in Missouri, the woods are never far away, so the wildflowers join in over the fence row, taking their turn to bloom, as if on cue.

I know, you're thinking...if you're imagining music in the yard, you just might be spending too much time alone! True! But if you're a person for which solitary tasks are necessary, flowers are great company.

Of course, it won't be long before the harmony in May turns into a rave of weeds and bugs in July, but I'm going to enjoy this peaceful time of year while it lasts.

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The Farmer's Wife said...

We're kindred spirits, aren't we? Flowers and plants DO have personality and I think they're funny. For instance, your iris that look like nonsense, sharp, straight and when they bloom, they have broad shoulders and helmets.

It's wonderful to see your surroundings and inspiration, here. And I'm beyond envious of all your blooms...