Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Becky's Garden

Ison and I were fortunate to get to spend last Friday morning with our friend, Becky, in her amazing garden.  More than once, a visit to Becky's home has inspired a calendar page or a design idea.

Becky has the most profuse collection of flowers of anyone I know. Her home is surrounded by beds filled with tulips, roses, iris, day lilies, jonquils -- too many to even list, and in a variety of colors.  She seems to have something in bloom every time we go, but I personally think her garden is the prettiest in the spring.

Becky is also the most loyal bird enthusiast I know.  I say "the most" because when the rest of us were striking birdseed from our shopping lists last winter due to the shocking price hike, Becky was still dutifully purchasing seed.  She even saves blueberries in her freezer for her now famous "bluebird pies" (homemade suet cakes laced with blueberries, peanut butter and all matter of other decadent treats).

She loves watching her birds and tending to her flowers.  Though her health keeps her from spending as much time as she would like in the garden, she always makes sure her feeders are filled.

Like most Missouri girls, she has a soft spot for her bluebirds. When Ison and I were there, she brought a handful of mealworms to the mamas.  She even called them to let them know breakfast was ready.  Frankly, I always thought calling birds was akin to calling cats...and with similar disappointing results.  But the birds actually listen to Becky.  I guess birds tend to know (and trust) the person who resists the temptation to cross birdseed off their shopping list.

As you can see, she has an elaborate setup: there is something here for everyone, including the squirrels who always tend to help themselves to any buffet, despite almost....okay, never, ever being invited.

Becky's sweet sister, Janice, stopped by and entertained Ison while I snapped pictures in the garden.  Here they are looking at the fish.  Jan, has such a way with children.  For instance, she managed to talk Ison out of throwing the 
concrete fish in the pond (fish belong in water, don't they?).

And, of course, no visit is complete without stopping by to say hello to the deer family.  

I think these blue beauties hugging this white oak are vinca minor (Is that right, Mary?)

And of course just a small sampling of the glorious tulips...

It was a wonderful time.  We hope to go back next month and see what's blooming and perhaps get inspiration for another calendar page.  In the meantime, if you love birds too, check out my designs at Legacy Publishing that were inspired by Becky's bluebirds:

There couldn't be a more fitting verse to go with Becky's line than "Be ye kind one to another."  She and her family are an inspiration to me to never stop finding ways to help and encourage others.


Larissa said...

I aspire to be a Becky one day. What a cool garden! And a very pretty piece of art. hey, you can still send me a high res scan of the art on the bottom of your header and I can replace it so it doesn't look fuzzy. :-)

Shelly said...

Thanks Larissa -- I'll send a lower res version today.